You are hereby sentenced to live the remainder of your short life in
Harrowstone, which, I hasten to add, is a blessing compared to the extent
of your crimes and the suffering of your victims. There you will reside in
the misery of your thoughts until such time as you are drawn, hanged, and
quartered. May the gods have no mercy on your blighted soul.

—The final sentencing of Vance Saetressle (“The Lopper”) in 4661 ar
by Jurisdeclaris Axenris the Third

Hey Guys,

Before you complete making your characters I want to really stress that you should design them to be balanced, not just great at combat. Just a word of warning, without having anything you can do besides swing a sword or cast a spell will result in a very difficult and possibly even very un enjoyable game

Carrion Crown-Sunday Night

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